Zunow SWV-E11-16 Super Wide Angle E-Mount

Mattebox compatible and optional lens hood

The lens is fully compatible with popular mattebox systems such as the Alphatron Mattebox 4x4 for a proper shading solution. The Zunow HU-85 rubber lens hood is included, to prevent unwanted stray light from entering the lens.



Type Sony E-mount lens
Focal Length 11-16mm
Aperture Min f/2.8 max f/22
M.O.D. 1.1 ft (33,5cm)
Angle of View 100 - 80°
Magnification 1:12
Elements 11 / 15
Front diameter 85mm
Filter size 82mm (P0.75)
Weight 870gr / 1.92 lbs.


Review DP Alister Chapman

Sony ICE (Independent Certified Expert)

Before I went to Arizona to shoot the monsoon thunderstorms and Grand Canyon I felt that I would need a nice fast wide angle lens to help capture some of the panoramas and vistas that I would see. A little while ago my friends at Alphatron told me about an E-Mount wide angle lens that was soon to be launched. So after a couple of phone calls I managed to secure the loan of one of the SWV-E11-16 cine style E-Mount lenses. Even before opening the box I knew this was something a bit special as the box was pretty heavy, no lightweight plastic lens in this box. On opening the box I was....

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