Zunow SWV-E11-16 Super Wide Angle E-Mount

Zunow SWV-E11-16

Super Wide Angle E-Mount

The Zunow SWV-E11-16 is a super wide angle zoomlens for the Sony E-mount cameras. This lens can be attached directly to the mount of the camera and needs to be operated manually. It has a focal length of 11-16mm with an aperture of f/2.8-f/22 and provides a 100 - 80° angle of view, as well as a 1:12 magnification ratio.



This wide angle zoomlens (made by Japanese company Zunow) works great with Sony E-mount cameras. View the attached compatibility chart for the corresponding cameras. Install the SWV-E11-16 directly on your camera body and start shooting wide! You can attach a 82mm (P0.75) filter onto the front lens mount for added protection and image quality.